Where to report players with 2 accounts?

Iirc correctly - having 2 active accounts is not allowed.

So if a player openly admits he uses 2 accounts (in this case confirmed in the forum and both accounts active in the same squad) the reporting decision tree is not helpful as it is not game play related.

A short reply would be highly appreciated.

I remember it was normal to use more accounts in squadron battles. Because of the squadron points. And I think it is still used.


I have two accounts and im still here. My second account isnt really used for anything, but came in handy when i got my xbox account transferred over to pc. They really wont do much for a second account even though its against the rules. Its there as a scapegoat or additional reasons to ban an account. Unless they are botting, doing exploits, or trying to sell accounts they really wont do anything about it.