Where is tier 3 tech tree light tank in germany . i have mission and i dont see any

i have mission and i dont see any light tank in rank 3 tech tree in german vechicle tree.

Here are German tanks with “intelligence” capability.
Orange tanks are considered light by the game.

Tiers III: Sd.Kfz. 234/4 (premium).
Tiers IV: Ru-251 (premium), lePPz M41, SPz 12-3 LGS (premium).
Tiers V: Marder A1, Marder 1A3, SPz BMP-1, Wiesel 1A4, DF105.
Tiers VI: TAM, TAM 2IP (premium), Begleitpanzer 57, PUMA, Class 3 (P) (event vehicle), Radkampfwagen 90, Wiesel 1A2, Ozelot.
Tiers VII: TAM 2C.

That is a tank destroyer, not a light tank. For some reason, the Germans do not get a light tank at rank III in this game. Someone should make a suggestion for one:

It’s a tank destroyer with “intelligence” capability. But you’re right, I’ll clarify.

All the vehicles you present are third-party I, or may become so.
The tiers I light tank do not have “intelligence” capability.
And in all cases, to carry out missions, you must use at least one vehicle of rank 3 or higher.

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thank you guys for your efforts. soo non premium light tanks on tier3 dont exist . i need to do mission but i dont have light tanks… and AGAIn grind new tech tree nation ? no thank you . im just leave this game ,. to much time consumer…

What’s this all about?
Because you can’t do a battle pass mission, you’re going to quit the game?
That’s really unreasonable.

You have until September 20 to pass.
If you want, go and find the M41 in 6.3.

It’s a long-lasting game.
I’ve been playing for 8 years, and I still don’t have all the vehicles.

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Can’t you do it in a way, that you use rank 2 light tank and spawn with one rank 3 during the battle? It works with daily rank 3 battle tasks.

It seems not.
It only works in point missions, making 20000/40000 points with at least one rank 3 vehicle.

It is more unreasonable to have a bizarre requirement that is unattainable just because the game conveniently happens to lack a rank III light tank for the faction that you are using

Lots of people can’t complete all sorts of missions at any given time due to not being far enough along in the tech tree - daily and “specials” for example.

There is nothing bizarre about it except throwing a tantrum.


Pointing out something that is broken/uncompleteable in the game is not throwing a tantrum. They should have at least tested this task or made sure it was completeable by doing something similar to what they did with the Hellcat (redesignating that one from TD to light tank)

It’s a challenge.
Not everyone can do it, because at some point you’re limited by not having this or that vehicle, nation or rank.
One of the next missions in this combat pass will be to destroy 10 vehicles, with one vehicle from each rank 1 to 7.
Yet another task that will not be feasible for a large proportion of players.

The idea behind these challenges is to encourage players who want to complete them all to grind other nations, playing with tanks, planes and ships.

The idea behind limiting access to missions to players of rank III and above is to avoid an imbalance in matchmaking for players starting out in ranks I and II.


Did a dev tell you to respond with this answer? Its not a challenge if you can not do it. Its an impossibility

No, I’m just a veteran player. It’s not an official answer, it’s just common sense.

It’s all explained in my previous comment.

And anyway, it’s possible to pass the Battle Pass, without doing all the challenges.
It’s better to concentrate on the daily missions.


So I tested it further and it depends on requirements for that task.

If task is something like “destroy 3 enemy tank destroyers”, then spawning in a match with any rank 3 tank once, is enough.

If task is more specific about what you have to use like “destroy 3 enemy vehicles using light or medium tank”, then that one rank 3 tank, you have to spawn in has to be light or medium tank.

But even in second example you can still use lower tier tanks as well imo, to contribute to that tasks goal.

EDIT: Correction here, if you are required to use specific type of vehicles like in second example, you cannot use lower rank vehicles to contribute to that task.


Thanks for your work.

guys thank you for answering . i just passed it bcs i had tier 2 rus tanks already made soo grinded to pt76 and done it , i wish that wt devs look on balance tier rank in every nation . i like germany tanks but it forced me to use another nation that i wanted pass away playing. soo they cant add any tier 3 light tank in ger?? there is a lot of vechicles in ger…