Where is the Typhoon?

With the SU-27 and F15 being here this is no excuse for this not to come into the game. We are at the point now where jets can carry ASRAAMS or AMRAAMS and other modern missiles but they won’t give them those, however if they don’t want to add them then whats the big deal with adding a Typhoon without them?

They gave the US/RU an F16 and MIG29, then gave them another F16 and MIG29 and now gave them another top tier jet. They didn’t stop to get the other nations up to snuff and instead continue to not allow nations like the UK or Sweden a jet capable to compete with other jets. Combined with the lack of updates or fresh new modes for ARB its just going to a be miserable slogfest for anyone play other nations.


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UK is getting Gripen, which will be the meta jet for a bit.
Typhoon’s competitors of Su-27SM & F-15C MSIP II+, neither of which are in War Thunder.


I don’t think the gripen will be meta at all from what I’ve seen.

But this is why we asked for the EAP Typhoon.

Gripen is as fast as Mirage 2000, dogfights better than everyone else, has 360x2 countermeasures for evading IR & radar missiles, and meta AIM-9Ms for killing things after it easily gets up close.

Anyone that dares fight a Gripen alone will die, it requires a minimum of 2 players, or a reckless Gripen pilot, for the Gripen to die.

Welcome to War Thunder air next update.
Gripen is more powerful than I thought it’d be.

The problem is I havent even seen what the C gripen will be armed with. And the way WT works in its ancient ARB mode I doubt its going to make much of an impact.

It’ll be 9Ms like the A.
Imagine the F-5E if it was faster, with 9Ms and over 700 countermeasures.

And from what I’ve seen the M4K out rates it.

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It’s far too early to call winners based on flight models alone. Massive things have and will change regarding how these planes handle (And what weapons they get) before the test server is over.

Basically, don’t peg the Gripen as either entirely worthless or meta defining until it hits the live server.

It’s just hard not too. We know Gaijins track record of handling stuff that isnt RU/US. I mean I would love the Gripen to be top dog but I have my doubts.

From what i’ve seen it will be meta unless it gets a heavy nerf

I sure hope so

literally Italy for a couple of patches with receives nothing serious

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i love how that makes that meme i made even better haha


The gripen if it gets to keep its flight performance is actually an amazing and competitive fighter, although still not invincible because of the lack of BVR options and it bleeds energy quickly. The slight engine upgrade, RWR and Radar upgrades and the HMS included in the C variant would be a nice compliment to its capabilities already.

This is of course not happening, it will get the flight performance nerfed and sweden will be stuck with the A variant, because Gaijin loves to rail sweden in every turn.

But one can dream.

Most likely will get nerfed if you havent heard as the dev server gripen has more engine power and less drag i think. Gripen will be a top contender but will probs not be meta till Aim-120’s/RB-99 but then still it will face other aircraft with Amraams…

If they only nerf it a little it be fine but i hope for it to stay the same

A small nerf is in order, i agree with that.
But please, keep it competitive atleast.

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That comes from General lee had guy in a different theread test it to see and it has the correct thrust

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I hope too

You really can’t wait to see the development for the March Update, can’t you?