Where is the sale

When does the pack sale come out on console

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It’s already out from a while ago, the bundles will be avaliable until the end of May [Shop] May Sale in the Gaijin Store! - News - War Thunder

He asked on console. Console players are not allowed to purchase on Ganjin store.

They are on sale until the end of May. The ones that are stated to be 50% off then until the 8th, so tomorrow

If you are asking specifically about XBOX, they have a different sale cycle when it comes to pack sales. It may be a month or two before it available on xbox. Gaijin is not transparent and doesnt tell the community when sales will start they just pop up with out any notice. The best thing to do is follow them on xbox live as they will make the announcement there once it starts, as they dont always put it in the forum and there is no large announcement for it.