Where is the future of coastal fleet?

The bluewater fleet has receive rank VI and there’s more battleship to come in the future.But the coastal fleet still only has rank V and the top BR of costal boat is 4.7 . The coastal fleet now has little influence to battles except capturing points.I have pr.206 and 12412,but most things can be done with a singal pr.123k. Then what is the meaning of research coastal fleet?Shouldn’t they do more things in the battle? And I think we need to have more higher BR coastal boats to match with the bluewater fleet.


well, theoretically, there could be a solution - we could split bluewater and coastal matchmaker so that if you use only coastal vessels you willl fight coastal vessels only. That cound also benefit bluewater since it could see some decompression. But practically, around 3.0 BR every boat is able to turn every other boat into burning wreck within 3 nanoseconds. This ofc kills any fun and gameplay because you need to either camp like it is some kind of trench war (get it, uuhhh) or everyone dies within first few minutes.

I still think that could be btter idea than doing nothing at least for the sake of decompression (coastals would still be allowed into bluewater), but I dont see much progress ahead. We will see more missile boats for sure.


It’s possible a sixth rank will come for this poxy TT and might even be when the Russian missile corvette Project 20380 from the 10th anniversary decal “10 years better together” is added, (I absolutely wish for this corvette to get added even if without missile armament).

Still through speculation with Rank VI we may see even more Frigates, Destroyer Escorts, more cold war to modern destroyers (we technically have one full blown by design Destroyer at Rank V), more meaner Motor Torpedo Boats & or large Torpedo Boats (think Chidori), The yanks could see things like modern LCS’s or modern CG cutters.

And even off on a more bizarre options battleships added at Rank VI for these TT’s as well (there were many BB’s designed for such areas as the TT names suggest).

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