Where is the extra armor on the AMX-30B2?

So on the War Thunder wiki website of the AMX-30B2, it says ‘‘the AMX-30B2 offers slightly more protection than its predecessor’’ Wiki

In-game it also weights 1 ton more than the AMX-30(1972). Comparing the armor valus between the two I cannot see any difference.

Did I go over it too fast or is there really no added armor? Even though it should be there.

Also, should this tank not have sideskirts?

you shouldn’t use the wiki as a source, the increased weight can be due to several other reasons like the new engine, transmission, lrf and optics.

A while ago I made a suggestion that an unlockable module could be added to the AMX-30B2 to transform that AMX-30 into the Operation Desert Storm version, but my suggestion was not accepted.

It could be the boxes on either side of the turret front, which can pre-detonate HEAT-rounds. The only other possibility is that the new transmission makes shoot-and-scoot a bit easier with better acceleration, using mobility as a defensive tool.

Or maybe they just confused it with the BRENUS variant when they were writing. Otherwise, I have no idea.

thicker mantlet