Where is the Centauro B2

Are we holding onto this for the major update of 2026 or something?

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It’s gone to Brazil.

Italy just recieved Leopard2A7, one of the best tanks in this game.

Its obvious they are saving better Centauro models for future so people can spend more time/money when the time comes.

It’s lame that it’s taking them so long to add something so vital and cool to the Italian tree just because they want to milk it longer.

i think it will come next update since it passed to devs dec 2023

Almost every nation suffers from the same issue, look how long it take them to add Vextra-105 to French tree, despite it was passed to developers almost 3 years ago its just recently added.

Sadly profit takes more priority than pleasing the community in Gaijin’s eyes.

Passed to devs doesn’t mean it will be added anytime soon if ever, it only means that devs will see suggestion and can consider it for implementation… or throw it away.
Btw my MB-339A suggestion has passed to devs twice and there is still no indication of it or any other Aermacchi jet coming.

I think any chances of the Centauro II begin added got to the ground when Hungarian vehicles was added. So probably not in a near future we’ll see the vehicle.