Where is the 4 × KH29T of the JH-7A

We all know that in the last version, players submitted a number of reports that the JH-7A should have received 4 × KH29T
JH7A can carry up to 4XKH29T as the air to ground loadout

And it is also recognized and will be fixed in this update, but why in the current development server, the JH-7A can only carry 2 rounds of KH29T?



And another thing, mentioned in the changelog

JH-7A — a bomb load option that does not require modification research has been added.

Regarding this, I didn’t find a bomb to choose from in the dev server, only AAM.



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And another issue is PLAAF has only Kh-29TE, not Kh-29T, JH-7A should have the capability to carry 4Kh-29TE but not 2Kh-29T