Where is PL-8 on Shenyang J-11? and wrong Radar on J-11

i know that the J-11 can carry R-73 but where is the PL-8??? and it’s should using the NIIR N001V radar instead of N001M(Actual Radar bc J-11 is Su-27SK)

You may need to understand history. The J11 we currently have is not J11B. China’s J11 did not integrate its own ammunition until J11B. Our current J11 is J11A (early type), which is a replica of the Soviet Su27SK and only has the ability to launch R27ER and R73, and even does not have the ability to launch R77. R77 needs to wait until the later version of J11A modified by Belarus is available


but it derivative with Russian-supplied kits in early production run, differs from the original Su-27SK mainly in avionics not the whole plane and majority of the chinese fighter using PL-8 instead of R-73 tho and the R-73 it just have IRCCM and thrust vectoring then look at the PL-8 it can’t using in CQC bc it too fast and it’s not Agile like R-73 the only thing i prefer to using PL-8 bc some how it got more flare resistance than R-73 with IRCCM


Unless Gaijin adds J11B, our current J11 will not receive PL8 and PL11. The J11 we have obtained is basically equivalent to Su27SK, and it can even be considered that the J11 added by Gaijin is one of the earliest imitations of Su27SK in China, because all radar parameters are based on Su27. If PL8 can be emitted, the parameters will be mentioned in the test server and development logs

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It has chinese warning system with russian cockpit

The J-11 in the game is made from parts provided by the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association and assembled by The Shenyang Aircraft Corporation in China. It is equivalent to the original SU-27S without any localized modifications in China. The J-11B is based on the design of the Su-27SK. It is equipped with core components such as a Chinese-made integrated avionics weapon system, radar, all-glass cockpit, and four-redundant digital fly-by-wire control system. It is also equipped with an infrared search and tracking system and an electro-optical targeting system for cracking stealth fighters ,even WS-10 Taihang engine. SU-27S=SU27SK=J-11=J-11A(Independent production type)≠J-11B(Deep Chinese improved type)=J-11BS(Two-seat type)=J-11BH(Naval aviation type)


The J-11B was finalized in 2007, while the PL8B was finalized in 1994 and PL11 was finalized in 2001. When the J-11B enters military service, it should use the PL8B that adds a DMP chip storage algorithm to increase anti-interference capabilities, instead of the current PL8 in the game.


j-11 in game is an su-27sk kit assembled in china and thus uses russian avionics and weaponry hence it’s historically correct that the thing we have atm is copy paste. later variants will be assured to have the PL-8, hopefully the IRCCM-equipped PL-8B.