Where is 6k rp going?

So I won at the end of a game 6354 rp and only 306 rp is reserching to the SPAA where is the rest of the rp going ?

There is a reduction in RP when using a TT or squad vehicles outside of their effective research range. Like you Leopard is only good for researching rank 7 and 8.

Also, sidenote- how did you get highlights option at bottom of screen?

NVidia Experience does it. Enable highlights in the game options I think, but also could be in the experience interface itself.

(Launcher has an option in options (NVidia Highlights (Auto/On/Off)))

so does this mean that I do more rp if I play with a lower rank tank than a rank 8 tank?

those are from the monitor that has NVIDIA G-SYNC

Yes. Use something that is the same rank or within one rank of the vehicle you are researching to get max points towards it. Or use a premium vehicle

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It’s not, it’s from NVidia Experience.

Oh cool. Does it actually work? Like does it show kills and stuff?