Where do we report botters? Does reporting in matches work?

I report them every day but nothing happens? A player with 5000 matches in an aircraft with 0 kills , and 3 other aircraft with the same stats really is not a human playing, it is a bot playing. they fly straight and just fly forever until match ends.

I alone just by playing have reported more than 200 bots in 1 month, how is it that nothing happens to botting?

it is obvious they do not fear it, so they do it, they know they wont get ban on their accounts with 2000$ premium vehicles, otherwise they would not risk losing money. They must be feeling there is 0 risk

Do reports actually work?

There are mixed views on the effectiveness of “bot reporting”.

You might want to look at this thread:

You will find later in the thread a positive example (ban), but i see daily the same premium bomber guys (for months) - despite i reported them several times.

I gave up…

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  1. Understaffing/under-resourcing. Gaijin simply doesn’t have a lot of people working on this, compared to any other game it’s size

  2. Reports that don’t come from server replays, but only the in-game report tools, are currently being ignored. The adding of a “botting” category to in game reporting merely created a dead letterbox, since the people who review the in game reports are not the same people who review the server replay complaints and are not empowered to do anything much but chat bans and force name changes.

  3. The people who review footage for bots apparently have to base their finding on a single replay, which proves the issue beyond all doubt when they recommend the ban. They can’t consider other aspects of the player service record in their evaluation, or at least they don’t carry equal or greater weight. There needs to be a replay. This is an ineffective way to prove botting. As the company has said many times, it’s hard based on one replay to tell a bit from someone who went AFK, dc’d, or just plays bad. When it’s egregious, like the herky jerky ground AA bots, it is probable and they get banned pretty quickly. Naval and air RB is harder to prove from a single replay alone. What works as an account ban method for actual hacking stuff fails here.

Anyway, you asked why. Either you didn’t use the server replay function to report, or the video you reported by itself didn’t prove anything, or there was just no staff to look at it. Also the TOS says they only have a couple weeks after the offense to act on an evildoer, so if they were older than that your report was dropped for one of the reasons above.


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As I have stated here, yes reporting using the server replay does work, and no, using the forum won’t help.

Thank you for your understanding.