Where do i see when the dev server is up cuz idk where i can find it

How do i find the status of the server

It should be announced here


You can download the launcher for the dev server by simply googling it, but you can’t go to it until they open access to it, which is usually opened after a teaser and they make news about it

It should be announced with the teaser like @MrBr0ken said

so only when like a big update comes out?

Yes, it is basically the testing ground for updates

so it wont just open like a sandbox or something only when something important is happening?

No, it will open like that. It only is available like 2 weeks before an update, nothing else (that I know of). When you download and log in, the account your using is a copy of your original, only for the dev server. Nothing done on it will transfer to your original account.

Edit: It’s less of a sand box and more of just a testing ground for the new vehicles