Where do I report this goofy ahh bug i have where I can't receive tss and custom battle invites?

I can’t either receive friend requests, nor add friends despite i’m below the 100 freind limit. It’s a goofy ahh error, well in fact my account has been bugged from tehe very start when i played russia as starting nation and i didn’t even get the gift chaika (it’s now useless for me but the fact i didnt receive anything is just concerning)

Yea, the invite spam they cut down to the notification telling you how many there were, but this overall list limit should be expanded or something.

I’m at 224/100, can’t add the 28 that request.

I had the 224 turn up after the friendslist ‘issues’ as I was always at 100/100 and it just sprung 124 on me.