Where did XeSS go/ why was it removed?

Does what it says in the title really. I was enjoying my game yesterday at XeSS Ultra Quality for some extra performance, but in this latest update it looks like the XeSS feature was entirely removed. I get Arc cards are rather niche, but surely there should be some feature support to help remain inclusive?

yeah same i dont see it

It was also mentioned in the most recent patch notes. Both DLSS and TAA are still options for me, but XeSS has gone.

I mean they don’t care about that aspect as even Arc users have had issue of XeSS option not working

If i were to guess its some “hobby” Project for someone over at Gaijin

I was using it fine last patch, but it had disappeared from the most recent one.
^ Before air superiority


I just thought it would be weird to mention XeSS in the patch notes yet have it unavailable in the settings.

You are on “work in progress” Client right?

Nice to see they fixed XeSS to function for a bit

I am unsure if I was honestly. In the second screenshot it was not on, but I’ve just turned it on and XeSS is still not there. I wonder what they’re doing over at gaijin but I hope that it’s added back soon.