Where can i learn the max. range of GB250 and GB500 guided bombs carried by Q-5L

I just unlocked my first guided bombs and was practicing it but I couldn’t see the max range indicator like you have when you launch an anti tank guided missile from an helicopter in q-5l TV camera.

Because in wt it’s not
Use CCRP/CCIP for that.

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Bloodie, if you check for Q-5L gameplays, the players go to the stratosphere and then launches the bomb, that’s why you’d see some white trail going to heaven and back. It’s a Q-5L.

Bombs don’t have a “max range”. no matter how high up you are in the air they are still going to fall down. The “limit” is rather the planes CCIP/CCRP capabilities if you want to actually be able to aim (IIRC its 15km up). but even then you can still launch blind and hope that the seeker of the bomb sees the laser.

Its however far the guidance time can go.

With 80 seconds you can do 20km bomb drops.

I’ve played well enough to free ace jh7a and i can say laser starts tracking even beyond 10km if dropped in true conditions so let’s say 12km unlike other american gbus (which they starts tracking laser at 3.5km)