Where are the infantry tanks and top light tanks of the Chinese series?

Why is it that since the release of the Chinese series in 2019, there have been no sub top-level infantry tanks or the latest light tanks in the Chinese series so far? Are Russians a bit too discriminatory towards Chinese players?
I strongly demand that Balanikov spit out the second top tier infantry tanks and good light tanks of the Chinese series no matter what!


Not the only nation that they’ve screwed over with a lack of usable IFV/Light tank at top tier. Multiple nations have nothing.

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However, it is an undeniable fact that China’s land warfare technology tree lacks IFV and light tanks that are as user-friendly as zbd-86A, zsl-92A,CM-34,zbd-03,zbd-04&zbd-04a, and ztq-15 &VT-5 The problem is that the development team doesn’t pay attention to the demands of our Chinese players. On the contrary, there are still some people in China who defend the development team’s disregard for sexual behavior, which is really infuriating!

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There is imho no need to play anything from the combined PRC/ROC TT - it is either slightly modified USSR stuff (PRC), US equipment (ROC) or far inferior weapon systems from domestic production (PRC) with a few exceptions (ROC).

As long as Chinese (PRC) technology is non-existent and their own produced weapon systems are just cheap stuff based on copy + paste of USSR stuff or stolen intellectual properties from others, it is simply not attractive for neutral players to play them. Why? Because neutrals are interested in technology, not nations - if there is nothing unique or simply different they don’t play it.

And without being attractive for players from full price paying countries you simply have to wait longer.

China is usually 2 years behind additions of other nations, and France/UK don’t have a top tier IFV yet either.


China has a large number of self-developed IFVs and light tanks, but Gaijin is only willing to copy and paste