Where are the early Vietnam Era Jets?

As the title suggests, where are the early Vietnam Era Jets at, Gaijin?

Here’s a few:


Year: 1950
Armament: 4x Browning M3, 2x 1000lb bombs
Foreign Operators: None

F101 Voodoo

Year: 1957
Armament: 4/6 AIM-4 Falcon, or 2 Falcon + 2 AIR-2 Genie
Foreign Operators: Taiwan (ROCAF) and Canada

F102 Delta Dagger

Year: 1956
Armament: 24x FFAR rocket, 6x AIM-4 Falcon, 1x AIM-26 Falcon
Foreign Operators: Greece and Turkey

F106 Delta Dart

Year: 1959
Armament: M61A1 Vulcan, 2x AIM-4 Falcon (Later models F or G)
Foreign Operators: None

So many options (especially in the air defence/interceptor role), yet we go straight from the F80C (1948) to the F104 (1954) to the F5E (1972). Simply put; Where are all the planes at?


get some info on the Aim-4 missiles, the different variants information aren’t easily located online and could help a lot with this discussion, also you don’t specify well that the F-106 didn’t get a gun for earlier versions