Where are Q-5L countermeasures?

Since the fire and ice update since october 2022, the Q-5L is still missing countermeasures despite having proof it it being carried, are there any updates regarding the countermeasures? If so, any updates would be much appreciated!

Book explaining details:










IRL image taken from a Q-5L:




Made a community bug report for it now too


I don’t have much hope, but it’s nice to see someone making an effort regardless. The Q-5L should also have PL-5B missiles, too.


It was close for being a duplicate report.

yea i saw, oh well, at the very least i now know that atleast it was seen

Can it carry PL-5Bs? I’ve heard varying info about it, but commonly I’ve heard that the Q-5s never carried AAMs, only A-5s, but some sources state that the Q-5s could carry the same armament as the A-5s so its assumed Q-5s can carry AAMs as well.

there still isnt enough proof of it being carried, only speculations because a5c is capable of carrying them


This is also about the Q-5D, even this variant can carry pl5 and pl7

The A-5C was based off the Q-5III program, the Q-5III has the ability to use only Chinese missiles, the A-5C specifically mentioned the change to be compatible with Western missiles like the Aim-9’s and Matra Magics. Furthermore, it is important to understand how later variants of the Q-5 developed, it was not a linear development. There were multiple programs actively being developed at the same time which took tech from each other. A good example is the Q-5III itself; the design purpose was for an export variant and had the same requirements as the Q-5IA with some additional tech to be developed. Flare pods were one of the developments made in the IA program that the III received from it. The A-5C had additional requirements that Pakistan stated they wanted, like a change to large caliber flare pods of their choosing and western munition capabilities. What most people, and Gaijin included, don’t understand is the various developments weren’t done in a vacuum, the Q-5L nose sensor was taken the Q-5E IIRC despite the L being a modernization of a C/D airframe. Or the HUD first being made for the Q-5D and the A-5M has it, and the Q-5L has a further improved HUD. My bug report on the topic: Community Bug Reporting System