Where are my packs (48hrs+)

I paid for 2 packs of vehicles yesterday, they are paid for but still in the basket. No confirmation email and still no pack in the game.

I opened a ticket but no one is responding

Might want to ping a moderator. They may also be asleep due to time differences. Aside that they stated Ddosing was happening on there servers.

Earlier in the day we’ve been experiencing DDoS attack on our store. This attack combined with a heavy load due to anniversary sale is causing delay in processing purchases.

All and any purchases that you made that have not come through will be attributed to your account really soon (within a few hours) – there is no need to contact support in the meantime.

Sorry for the delay :(

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same here , bought stuff 17 hours ago and still nothing. Yesterday i complained here on the forums and got the same moderator response as you but even when taking DDoS attacks into consideration 17 hours is honestly way too much time for a basically automated function

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Hi, I still have nothing and still no response on the ticket.

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37 hours and still waiting isn’t within a few hours 🥲

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eeesh. makes me feel confident in making purchases…

still no response to the ticket and still no my 2 pack. But gaijin to money, it doesn’t matter

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DDOS attacks can cause issues.
If your bank is DDOS’d and you can’t access for a few days, I don’t think you’d pack up and move to another bank, you’d ride out the storm & wait for the service to recover & continue as usual.

Just respons on my ticket is complicate?

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so why not suspend sales / take site down temporarily to better protect consumers if they know they are getting DDOS’ed? Because gaijin already has their money. why go out of their way to make sure the consumer is satisfied. MONEY

So Gaijin going out of their way to make sure the customer is satisfied is money? K

48hrs, nothing and no response on ticket support. Perfect gaijin


96 hours and i still don’t have the packs
at this point i would much rather get a refund than have to wait more
it’s completely ridiculous and i hope they will give out atleast some compensation