When will you start doing account transfers again? Been how many years with no response?

Any news when this going be happening again? I for the love of God will not start over on a PC account! I have to many event tanks, planes, and boats that I earned through the grind heavy events like those crafting ones (looking at you Object 279). Even have some premiums I’m not just going walk away from. I’ve put in years with my Xbox account but don’t play on console anymore, so I end up missing out on all sales and what not because meh gaijin doesn’t want to put in the effort. Been no feedback to anyone asking what’s the deal, this kind of stuff is what led to salt the snail. Those trying to move from console to PC shouldn’t be given the red headed stepchild treatment.


This should be a Priority

Let the man spend his money, god knows it’s what drives y’all anyways.

It’s been just one year. And it is available again, you can submit the request.