When will you finally fix Merkava 4´s?

Its reported now several times since months the armor has huge holes and this tank is overall underperforming. I ve spend mony back then to grind the tree, buyed premiums and invested time for a broken tank series?

Once in a while i come back to israel after playing Sweden, Germany and Russia a lot and after a handful of matches it makes me crinche. Not only the armor is completly wrong and feels like paper also the amunition does ricochet, no pen or no post - pen damage. Why dont you do somthing on this finally? Everyone is complaining, giving u data and the stats aswell shows this is absolutly wrong !


this doesnt make sense, theres been a post with lots of Hangar Screenshots showing the allaged protection compared to the pen possibility which shows its broken armor. Like 800mm protection on mouse over but a 500mm projectile is able to pen it.

The post i send was about the newest KF41, the PUMA IFV looks just as bad and we have a giant “bug” or suggestion list going on

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Hi, I am the one that he is talking about is my forum.

from what he said is this one.

I don’t mind it if that for balance. but DAMN you gaijin. at least if you want to make that pen 500 just give me the number of 500 that show on my mouse!