When will we be able to see gaijin fix the model error in ZTZ99A?

It’s so untrue that you can’t even rebutt it. nice copium.

It is pretty obvious who’s coping, me needing to rebutt your claim? It is the responsiblity of the accusing side to first provide evidence for his claims.


I didn’t accuse you of anything. you accused me of being wrong and didn’t even point out which of my points you did or did not agree with. are you just really lazy?

You claims that China do not have a single indigenously designed vehicle (without providing any solid source), now I don’t think I am responsible to rebuttal that besides saying that is not true.

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In addition, I don’t see any neccessity for insults such as me being either coping or lazy, thank you.

That’s not what i said, perhaps your issue is reading comprehension. i said “china has never really made a fully indigenous tank” which is true, all it’s vehicles are based to varying degrees on foreign technologies, often unlicenced or stolen.
that’s also not the comment you were replying too. you’ve yet to be able to say what you disagree with let alone rebutt it.

You have made zero effort to add anything. what would you call it if not lazy?

That’s quite the claim, would you like to provide evidences for “china has never really made a fully indigenous tank” and “all it’s vehicles are based to varying degrees on foreign technologies, often unlicenced or stolen”? I disagree with both of these claims, especially the last part “unlicensed and stolen” , now it is the responsibility of the accuser to first provide solid evidence and sources before a healthy discussion can ensue.

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Well, China did buy the British L7, buy German 1500 horse power engine and China soviet relationship is obscure and I am not prepared to have a political /historical debate. I would rather say that reverse engineering is China’s option to catch up quickly, and the fact that they are up for sale suggests quite something about liscencing.


As a Chinese main I hope they’ll fix asap

define reverse engineering of military weapons as infringement? lmao
any equipment manufactured through reverse engineering in China is superior to the original version
during the development process, new technologies were integrated and applied and improved
some of them may only appear the same in principle and appearance, but in reality, they have vastly different internal constructions
you have no knowledge of China weapons and are full of prejudice and ignorance

you just saw some Chinese players and vented some unrelated words to the theme XD


Interesting that you mentioned the reverse engineering of K-13.

China aquired the sample of AIM-9B during an airbattle in 28th September 1958, when it failed to detonate, and just lodged into the airframe of one Chinese MiG-17. That captured sideswinder was then given to the Russians.

This can only be blamed to poor american engineering and construction. Can’t even get something simple as self-destruction working properly


Gaijin when fix,i want to get my ZBD04 to have complete tree again with my talismaned WZ and ZTZ99A,but they are unplayable now. Wrong model,no armor,wrong autoloader speed,no spall liners still.


Can someone tell me why this forum post regarding DTC-10E/S has been deleted? The bug report, too.

IDK, probably based a bit too much on the leaked document.

So the whole report and entire forum thread on a shell that could finally make China have a good shell at top tier has been scrapped because of that?

cat cry 2

Yep, it’s just how it kinda works. Since we are both chinese players, we all want china to get better shell, but GAIJING has been very careful about classified info leaked.




agree that,Please fix it. I want a real ZTZ99A