When will the USSR and USA get su27/t10 and f15?

As far as I know, the early models of f15 and su27 do not have active radar-guided missiles. This is in line with the current game situation. r73 has also been issued in the game. according to the unpacking, there are aim9m missile models in the game. I think it is time up

There are so many places where these jets are discussed. Many of them being in the rumor roundup because a lot of people think/hope they’re coming this next patch. Honestly, as much as I want to see the 15, it seems a bit redundant to have a thread asking for “when” when we know there will not be a confirmation until we see a dev blog or teaser. Dev blog season has started, wait a week for the teaser/dev stream/dev server and go from there.

On a wider scale i’d say even if F15 and SU27 first gens came without Fox3 the fact they are havy fighter with payload including 10 missiles or more will make them come very late anyway because no other nation has heavy fighters able of such payloads.

A Tornado F.3 has very similar loadout in AAM’s like a F-15A…

The difference between 8 and 10-12 missile still is big plus Tornado is a whale in terms of maneuverability while F15 slaps azz as well as the SU 27 if we follow your point an F4 is similar in payloads to F15, a JAS 39 is similar too but hey are capped to 8 missiles so → missile diff → no way to increase payloads except fantasy payloads → no fair

What 10-12 missiles?

An F-15A carries 4 Sidewinders and 4 Sparrows, nothing more…

Flight performance wise the Eagle of course is vastly superior to the Tornado.

A better comparison would be the Tomcat - of which we already havd two version in game and with Phoenix in addition to the Sparrows…

I really see no reason why the Eagle shouldnt fit in right now…

Then to answer more simply why putting a plane that is a plain TOMCAT with just different engines and a possibly better radar while tomcats already do perfectly fine in game? If it brings nothing new to the table why bothering adding it now?
As i grinded americans up to toptier i would be more than disapointed to see the F15A come in game because it would be an upgraded F4 and nothing more it’d just give me the feeling i’ve been made a fool of. F15 has to bring something new or different than it’s heavy fighters predecessors.

To illustrate my way of thinking know that i’m a french absolute fan and from my perspective adding the F15 now is like the addition of the Mirage 2000-5 cool but usless, a plane that should have been able to use the MICA and was made in that goal just has been implemented for no reason and it is just disapointing; and don’t come saying yeah but the CAS options. Mirage 2000D was doing fine. Now yeah Mirage 2000-5 may be best CAS but for a plane that is made fo interception i see no pride in being best CAS. Plus F15 couldn’t even come with the CAS trump card as only F15E is purely a striker with smart weapons(need to check better about this info).

Plus what would you do about all the american players that’ll be psychologically destroyed from the fact their beloved Eagle gets boomed by Mirages or Migs? (jk)

I’ll add that Mirage 2000-5 never IRL recieved CAS options such as those we have in game,… only the Mirage 2000-9 in UAE is having those options (this is why Gaijin told us that the Mirage 2000-5F will recieve such options while being totally inaccurate)

The most important thing of Mirage 2000-5F is that Gaijin should have added MICA Missiles depending on Mirage 2000-5 real standards.

Earliest standard kept the Magic-2 missiles, but recieved the MICA-EM (also called MICA-RF), before seing the standard “-5 SF1-IR” (which added MICA-IR) then “-5 Vi” which added Link16 in order to be OTAN operable.

It even more stupid to see that Super 530F were kept on Mirage 2000-5, as those missiles were already retired before the i tegration of Mirage 2000-5 into the AdA (now called AdAE)

Bro we French players long understood you were mad about it but this thread is for F15/SU27 quote me in the M2000 thread please.

You were the one bringing in Mirage 2000-5F which is perfectly fitting this Thread as it the french aircraft that was meant to intercept them,… so i do not see how irrevelant it is speak about this aircraft aswell.

Although the standard mounts of f15 fighter jets are the same as some top aircraft in the game, I still want to ask, will there be a modified part in the game that can mount a large number of weapons,Like “Beast Mode”?

The F-15 weighs 8 tons less with a superior radar.
And Japan doesn’t use the F-14.
There’s no reason to have AMRAAMs on the first F-15Cs in-game, that’ll just artificially raise their BR without actually raising their combat effectiveness in the current meta.