When will the mig-21(s) gets its wet drop tanks and kh-66

The Mig-21(S) Could have a pair of wet drop tanks on both sides and A kh-66 air to ground missile. it can carry the kh66 since the s variant can carry all the armaments that the Pfm carried. these 2 things would be greatly helpful if added thank you.

Photo Jul 08 2023, 10 11 23 PM

How many times must this be said, Wikipedia is not a reliable source, you’ll need to submit actual reliable sources in the appropriate place which is not on the fourms, not to mention even if that is true that doesn’t mean it can get those weapons because the one we have in-game does not represent the base model.

That, and the fact that this guy pointed at the wrong model, the one we have in game is only an R-13 engine testbed lol