When will the KV-1E come on sale

Will it come on out on a summer sale or a random day?

Mine was in the Christmas sales couple of years ago I think.It does come around now and then but maybe not every year.At 4 Br it’s a fine purchase and a lot of fun. Gaijin might keep a certain element of exclusivity on some vehicles though. Just have to keep your eyes peeled and keep playing on a regular basis I guess.

It should be for GE during the defender of the fatherland event. I can’t remember exactly when that is though. You could look it up.

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Indeed, although it could also be the KV-2 Zis-6 instead.

No, it couldn’t be the Zis-6, because it’s already available in game…

For the last 6 years it’s been on sale for the defender of the father land event. And once for tankers day. The defender of the fatherland event was in February, but tankers day is in September. So it might make it back, or you’ll just have to wait until next year. Or maybe, just maybe, it’ll be back for some other random sale.

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Thinking about it ,that is probably when I got mine,Feb not Dec and in the event.

Same. I remember I bought mine in the middle of my science class XD