When will Red Tops be fixed?

There are so many documents and so much data on the forums and gaijin bug report site about this missile.

Yet this missile in the game in its current state is utter garbage. It has too much drag, wont even catch a 1.5KM target

Cannot lock even on side aspect, when IRL it had some all aspect capability

And this knowledge about this missile has been on the forums forever

When will it be fixed?


Why are you asking here?

Where else to ask? In bug reports? They just close the bug report and add a duplicate tag, saying we already know this for 2 years but we don’t do anything about it

Dunnio where else to ask - but what answer do you expect players and forum mods to be able to give, when only Gaijin Dev’s know, if at all??

Perhaps rephrase it with the evidence as a statement, maker it a suggestion, put in a poll to see who agrees, etc…

Asking when it will be fixed is pointless.

People who are UK lovers and people who know stuff might have some ideas


British weapon systems thread is a good place to ask. But yeah I agree completely. We had a “rumour” that they were being fixed along with SRAAM back in June, with SRAAM being first. But neither have been even looked at yet.

Unfortunately it’s an old missile from a minor nation. Therefore, they don’t care