When will Israel get Top Tier SPAA?

Israel has ZERO counter to helicoptors or planes at any kind of range, really not sure how you can have a nation at a br that has no way to counter planes or helis at range. This should absolutely be the next spaa added even if it’s a copy-paste.

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what to add?

The HVSD/ADAMS. It’s an SPAAM with the Barak-1 lofting missile. It would easily be one of the best SPAAs in the game. After that there’s always the SPYDER-AIO, but that thing is bonkers that it shouldn’t even be considered.


When all Magach tanks have been added to the game, Gaijin may consider the new Israeli SPAA

can’t be much worse then pantsir…

I feel like it’ll be a close second simply because of how fast the Pantsir’s missiles are (and also the fact that the pantsir has almost double the range)