When will Gaijin allow console players to have access to the Marketplace?

I am sure there are several thousand console players (Microsoft and Sony) that would love to have access to buy/sell things on the Marketplace. It is past time Gaijin work with Microsoft and Sony to work out a way to make this happen. Even if all parties involved take a percentage of the transactions, most console players would love to have the option to buy/sell things on the Marketplace. This could be a win/win/win situation for everyone involved. Please take the steps necessary to make this happen, it is way past due.


Yea but thats actually not on Gaijin its mostly to do with Sony and Microsoft I am console and want access to marketplace too but its Sony and Microsoft we have to ask


Consoles have very strict rules about everything (even loading screens, no kidding) so this is not Gaijins fault.


“when will Microsoft/Sony allow players to have access to the marketplace?”

Fixed that for you. Obviously Gaijin wants them to have access, since in all contexts where Gaijin was left to its own devices, it chose to give people access to the marketplace.

Also, the thread belongs on Microsoft/Sony forums, not Gaijin forums, since the question is to them.

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Tell us more, this sounds interesting.

Well basically when you have loading screen in your game, you have to show loading icon, not just black screen. But that icon has to be visible for atleast 3 seconds. So in some games, loading takes like 1 second but game has to show it for extra 2.

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It appears a representative from Sony would disagree with you. It would be nice to get a response from someone at Gaijin who could confirm/deny their position on the matter. I truly believe if Gaijin was serious about adding this ability to the game, they could work out something with Microsoft and Sony to make it happen.

So, as of rn, Console players like you and I will not have access because of Gaijin’s own market’s currency, at least to my knowledge.

Youre dumb enough to think that Gaijin doesnt want this aswell? Are you that dumb?

It was a plausible story up until they implied that this wouldn’t be a thing for ANY game. That part undermines it and means Brienda doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Obviously you don’t have to OWN a game to have a say in things like this, they have the leverage of their contract and the fact that they can say “You don’t get to be on console” to use to make demands of all sorts.

It is possible that their specific contract might have not covered that (which is why you had me in the first half), but I’ve PERSONALLY seen contracts that do for other games as I work in the gaming industry, so when she acts like it doesn’t exist at all in general, that’s a bunch of nonsense. And calls into question her earlier claims as well.

A common point of contention is not so much the existence of a sale at all, but rather the details of who gets what cut of the revenue, when discounts exist (is their cut reduced as well? Or do they get a cut as if there wasn’t a sale? Blah blah. There’s often a lot of fighting about that, and they may not come to agreements, which would probably be the most likely cause of limited sales)

Wow, that is a great response. You must be a college graduate to have such an impressive, well-thought out response like that. Thanks for taking the time for your thoughtful and intelligent response, it is most appreciative and better yet, extremely helpful.

Yes Gaijin said no because Sony and Microsoft wanted to get in on the moneyz so if they change their minds on that aspect console will have Market access …its hilarious that Sony has clueless people answering questions

I understand, at least I think I do. It all boils down to the 3 entities need to be willing to sit down and work out an agreement to where they, as well as the consumer (players) could all benefit. Again, it would be nice if someone from Gaijin would respond to this post and give us their position and possible additional information if they have either approached Microsoft and Sony, or been approached by either company about this specific topic.

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Youre sharp as a marble.