When the next Major update coming? Is the Eurofighter coming?

I wanted to ask to everyone when the next Major update coming? And what It Will be added to the update?,also One last thing Is the Eurofighter coming this Summer?

Probably around June

As for the rest, nobody knows


Smin said not anytime soon.

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Eurofighter Typhoon DA or tranche 1 from 3 nations coming to next major update (june) ? It’s too early and impossible

I guess gaijin introduced rank 9 for aircraft top tier (13.0 or 13.3 BR) before Eurofighter Typhoon


My timeline is:


ARH added onto existing airframes, along with aircraft like the Sea Harrier FA2, Tornado F3 AOP, F4F-ICE, etc


More ARH carriers, including more modern airframes

F-15C, Su-30, F-2, F-18, etc

(for Britain, Germany and Italy im kinda expecting later variants of the Tornado IDS in one of these 2 updates)


Typhoon and Rafale if we are lucky.


Been saying that since this time last year… so…

Well, we should be going off of his latest comment on the topic, which should be more accurate, and as of March? It’s still too soon.


and I reckon he’ll keep saying that until its actually been revealed in the teaser/dev post, wouldnt be surprised if he said it the week before it was actually announced.

Either way… Only so long they can delay it now. 6 months from ARH being added I reckon. Any longer than that and UK, Germany and Italy are DOA completely again

Except I cannot find any instance of Smin saying something is too soon, only for it to come the next 2 update. If there’s any history of it, I’d be inclined to agree with you.

So pretty much what’s consistent with Gaijin’s history

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There was one I remember someone mentioning but I dont recall what.

@Deathmisser might know

True, but I seriously hope not, and I just dont think its “necessary” this time round. But we will probably have to wait for US and USSR to get Typhoon equivalent or better first though, as always.

Gajin add subsonic fighter aircraft with active radar homing BVRAAM from UK & USA and another 3rd generation fighter aircraft with ARH MRAAM in june ?

I don’t doubt F-16C Block 50 (USAF), JAS39 Gripen A (Swedish), MiG-29SMT (9-19), JA37D Viggen (Swedish), JAS39 Gripen C (HuAF & SAAF), AV-8B Harrier II Plus (Marina Militare) and Mirage 2000-5F (Armée de l’air et de l’espace) received active radar homing medium-range Air-to-Air in next quarter

I don’t know timeline gajin introduced rank 9 for fighter aircraft top tier

I assume gajin consider add 4.5 gen fighter with AESA radar Mitsubishi F-2A late (J/APG-2 AESA radar), IR AAM AAM-5/AAM-5B & ARH BVRAAM AAM-4/AAM-4B from JASDF with F-16V Block 70 (ROCAF & USAF), Mirage 2000-B501, F-15C (AN/APG-63(V)2 or AN/APG-63(V)3 AESA radar), F-15E (AN/APG-82(V)1 AESA radar), F/A-18E Block II, Shenyang J-11BG/J-11BHG and Shenyang J-16

F-15E coming to 3rd quarter with Su-30M, F-15I and Su-30MKK ?

Sea Harrier FA2 is all but in game:

Take the Sea Harrier FRS1. Add the engine from the Harrier Gr7, the Radar from the Gripen and slap 2-4 AMRAAM onto it and you have a Sea Harrier FA2. Just needs an updated cockpit and a new RWR (which would basically perform the same as the one from the Tornado). The RWR might have even been found in the game files as an un-used game asset.

It is such an easy addition for Britain, that there is no downside to doing it and it wouldnt be game breaking, in fact it would probably be one of the weaker ARH aircraft added.

AV-8B+ for the US also just seems super easy and the only reason I can think the US hasnt gotten it yet is because they are planning it with ARH.

Assuming ARH does come in June. Aircraft like the Harriers are just ideal for a softer entry into ARH and should the SAAF Gripen get R-Darter or AMRAAM in June or in a later update, then Britain could be left with nothing between 11.7 and 13.0+. So a 12.3 like the Sea Harrier FA2 would be an ideal bodge for the gap left for now.

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