When Rafale?

Sure add the early rafale with nothing but guns because gaijin can choose so, no basic missiles either. They get to make the choice, right? We can put it at 11.0.

Weird of you to call Rafale C, and M early Rafales…

They will be considered early when they have no access to any missiles (because gaijin can choose so). Call them late variants when in 2.7 years they have some, lol.

Magic 2 and MICA EM are missiles…
I think you should research vehicles before talking about them.

Maybe you should research what i said because i said no missiles needed at all (because gaijin can decide so). I’m sure the rafale would do well with guns only at 12.0.

They aint adding it guns only

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It got access to missiles before they put a gun in the Rafale

They can if they want to.

They won’t though keep dreaming

You can’t tell what gaijin does or does not do because you don’t have any control over their actions. Further 0-worth messages ill just report for not being relevant to the conversation. When you say something while having no control of it that means what you say is meaningless.

They ain’t gonna add France’s top jet guns only mate

They just won’t it will be added when the game is ready for it

This is so absurd it has to be a joke. Maybe if you had said “with magic 2s only” or something then it would have been at least an amusing joke.

I’m just using wislas logic with different details. Absurd? Sure.