When Rafale?

Than the actual modern Rafales. At least :p

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"Even though the Rafale was designed at almost the same time as the F-22 Raptor, the doctrine adopted to avoid fire control is very different. In the minds of Dassault engineers, since it is not possible to avoid detection of on every conceivable frequency, it is simpler to implement a system that prevents effective fire control in the enemy.

This system is called SPECTRA for " Système de Protection et d’Evitemment des Conduites de Tir du RAfale ", formerly " Système de Protection Electronique Contre Tous les Rayonnements Adverses ", (=Electronic Protection System against All Adverse Radiation) operating on a frequency from 1 to 20GHz. The operation of SPECTRA rests on a principle different from those evoked in the preceding part in order to decoy the radars : if the wave returning to the radar was voluntarily altered, then the radar will deduce an erroneous position for the object.

Thus, SPECTRA is based on a set of sensors and jammers offering 360° coverage to the Rafale. The idea is to detect where the radar wave is coming from and send in its direction (as well as other directions in order to fool passive radars) the same signal but out of phase in order to fool the radar electronics. In other words, the enemy will believe that he is receiving the echo of the wave sent, whereas it is a dummy echo sent back by the Rafale’s transmitter and will mislead the enemy radar on the position and attitude of the Rafale."

So when F22/F35 are invisible, the Rafale is not where you see it, for make it short x)
Another way to stealth, with pros and cons.

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was practically a paper plane aside from two or so frames.

Reading comprehension is hard.

Wow I didn’t know this, that’s cool

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@ChatBonk @Hyrikul
Rafale doesn’t use AESA until the most recent variant.
Meteor isn’t used either.
MICA EM Block 1 are AIM-120C1-4 equivalent.
MICA IR isn’t necessary to add to them as Magic II is more than enough.

End of the year most likely or very shortly within 2025 alongside its equivalents: F-15C/J MSIP II+, Typhoon, Su-30/Mig-29M/35, and AMRAAM F-18.

That’s crazy, it’s almost like I said some time in 2025. If this thing is forced to use the magic 2 in 2025 or whenever it gets added, i’m deleting my account.

Getting mad at the 4th best missile in War Thunder? lol People claim R-73 is OP and Magic 2 is currently running the same IRCCM. Magic 2 is a great missile and makes Mirage 4000 the 2nd best fighter in War Thunder because of its performance.
We don’t need MICA IR/R-73M/AIM-9X/AAM-5B to perform as pilots, especially when Rafale will be BVR primarily anyway.

Well, given the fact that the Rafale M standard F.1 was introduced with Magic 2 and MICA EM, because the MICA IR was not ready, it is fairly possible to not see the MICA IR when the EM one come.

One feature that make the MICA IR particularily scary is the fact that it got datalink, it give the ability to be guided with TWS like a fox 3, allowing it to be fired at the same range while being a fox 2 with really strong seeker. So it can be fired at you from BVR ranges and you would not receive anything from the RWR when the missile will get active, because it’s an IR missile… and also : no one else will have a missile like this.

Yeah, it doesn’t work out as well as you might suspect.

Modern RWRs /Savvy pilots would detect the TWS pings and the aircraft can evade - meaning the IR missile won’t even see the target in it’s FOV when it goes “active”. TWS remains sensitive to altitude and aspect changes.

Once the missile goes active, it can be defeated like any other IRCCM missile, just not as easy as just saying it.

If a Meteor goes pitbull on you within it’s no escape zone… good luck.

Which is why I hope we never see Meteor & similar missiles in War Thunder.
Also people have to prove MICA IR has AIM-9M IRCCM or worse for me to support it currently.
I support Magic 2 especially with how potent it is currently, and it can only improve with new code.

I guess gajin might be ready MICA IR in december 2024 or Q3 2025 with Rafale C F.2

AIM-9X Block I with 4th gen fighter aircraft from USAF after gajin decompress to 13.0 BR

MiG-29SMT (9-19) expand BR to 13.0 with add R-73M

I believe new Multirole/strike Mirage 2000D-RMV could get MICA IR before Rafale F.2

All they will do is force players to play differently - modern dogfighting is just lobbing Fox 3s whilst remaining outside of your enemies WEZ. If it has a chance to stop a furball from forming, I am all for it.

If anything, you proved why the MICA IR would work really well in a BVR situation. Most people would assume a fox 3 missile was launched, and do a 180 showing the engines. The MICA IR would then pick up the hot engines, and lock onto it. Flares/chaff wouldn’t stop it. It also has a gimbal of 120 degrees, being able to pick up hot engines in its vicinity.

But, there’s an option to using the MICA IR with completely silent interception method. It can use the TV optic on the plane to designate for MICA IR at long range, so there would be no warning except if you have the Eurofighter which has LWS.

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Assuming the target goes cold, which then depends on the range at which it was launched. No matter how strong a missile’s seeker is, none can overcome it’s kinematic limitations. Besides, a target in a notch or even adjusting altitude / generally just changing course and aspect in between TWS scans will break a TWS soft lock. It’s a strong missile no doubt, but it’s definitely not a guaranteed kill. "Missiles are called ‘Miss’ iles for a reason, not ‘Hit’ iles.

Hey it’s almost like the F-14B in game that literally has that feature via it’s TCS Optics which can slave the CW illuminator regardless of whether the AWG-9 has a lock or not… Can’t wait to try that feature out in like never years.

No disagreement on that, MICA IR is still said to be a potent BVR IR missile, more so than anything else currently in terms of overall range (Only the R-27ET truly outranges it in terms of kinetic range but it does not have datalink.)

Problems with targets changing course and aspect in between TWS scans is something I have not personally dealt with when using the RDY radar. Also, early Rafales used RBE2 PESA, which should have very fast track updates.

To be fair, that’s a more complex mechanism to implement than to have a missile be capable of guiding on a laser which we already have in-game as a mechanism.

Optical lock is something we already have in game too, seeing as you can already track moving targets on ground and in air. The bug report was acknowledged and put on the back burner as it means you won’t be able to defeat the Tomcat’s radar within 16ks - you’d have to defeat the missile’s seeker itself.

Obviously the whole mechanism isn’t in-game though. Or perhaps a completely new mechanism will have to be made. You would need the missile to be able to guide on the optical lock while simultaneously being vulnerable to ground clutter and notching and that would have to be modeled. With the MICA IR guiding on the laser, just add in similar code from the ADATs and you’re set. The IR missile would takeover once it’s seeker was in range, and there’s no complexity arising from having to model ground clutter, notching, or anything else.

The Rafale has been equipped with AESA radar since the F3R standard. Additionally, the Meteor missile is integrated into the Rafale’s arsenal. MICA EM Block 1 has capabilities beyond AIM-120C1-4.

Yes, which the most recent one which is irrelevant to this discussion since that Rafale is many many Rafales away from being added.
Just as saying F-4E uses an F-16 radar is pointless.
On top of that Meteor is not Rafale, it’s a missile, and can be omitted forever from the game if Gaijin so chooses.
MICA EM, the first one, still sees ground reflections. Fixed in future versions.