When is the mig 25 foxbat coming to the game gaijin

the mig 25 foxbat is way older than su 27 or the mig 29 and it is still not in the game

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probably never

It’s one of those aircraft which you can’t really balance cuz it’d be horrible in Warthunder


I imagine it’s for the same reason we don’t have the more advanced cold-war strategic bombers.

Remember, the Mig-25 was an interceptor. It was primarily meant to fly high, and extremely fast.

The game-modes and maps just aren’t suitable for it, as they’re way too small and primarily catered to fighter vs. fighter combat in a massive furball, which is over in the span of a couple minutes…

I imagine it could find it’s place and role in an eventual Air RB Enduring Confrontation mode, where it can fulfill it’s original mission of hunting bombers and reconnaissance aircraft.

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that’s less of a problem, the main problem is that it’s armarment is simply tooo bad

they got no guns, only 4 horrible R-40s which get out performed by R-23

No CMs, only the PD version got a Usable radar, only the PD version gets up to 4 R-60s

the armament is solid 10.0, flight performance only matched by the lancaster and it really isn’t as fast as you think below Space like altitudes


10.0? No,… don’t be a fool,… it is 11.3 weaponnary.

hell no

early Low range SARH/IR missiles like the R-40 are useless at 11.3

they’re outperformed by R-23 in every aspect except warhead size so you may as well use only the 2 Twin R-60 mounts the PD can carry

can you show your source? because the range and g limit of the early r40 is higher

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The R-40T is able to kill at an impressive 30km range thanks to an all-aspect seeker → and that’s not requiring any Radar ping → higher range than any other IR all-aspect in game except MAYBE the R-27ET.

The R-40R is similar to AIM-7E but the seeker is using an inversed monopulse seeker, which technology is on board the AIM-7M

But the R-40RD is able to 60km range with PD radar.

And now comes the impressive R-40TD, 40km Range with IRCCM system on board (and offcourse all aspect) → which is better than R-27ET since IRCCM, and better lock in range.

→ not a single R-40 is useless only the R-40R is limited in comparison to other 11.3 missiles from US counterpart

At those R-40’s can be added R-60/R-60M and R-73 (depending on variant of aircraft to be introduced)

So,… no,… With only all the R-40 it is currently a 11.3, and with R-73 it can go up to 11.7/12.0

the most limitating thing on the radar version is the radar of the aircraft itself as on the early smerch it wasnt pd

the only source I found that said R-73 was a Random News article and Wikipedia which quotes said article

Launch range and effective range are much different

the AiM-7 and R-23 are much more manouverable missiles simply due to their size which already hinders the R-40

I found no sources about R-40RD/TD seeker types, may you share yours?

from what i have seen the rd uses the r24r seeker and the dt the 35T1 seeker

Kinda like the 104, but it might have a place somewhere in here…

No thanks

I’m so tired to see Gaijin implements hard to balance planes such as Buccaneer and Sea Vixen.

Honestly it better never come to the game…

Want to prove Russian bias? Put that ridiculous thing in here.

If they do though, I expect the SL cost to match the real life costs. You need to replace the engine after it melts…so I want at least 3/4 full price on the jet every 10-15 matches minimum.

No, it’s well beyond the 104 in any BR it could be placed in…

It has the second fastest airspeed of any aircraft produced in numbers. There is literally no place for it in this game that doesn’t make it ridiculously overpowered.

Especially when you consider it’s pre F-15.

The MiG-25PDS did get CMs. At least, the Iraqi ones did.

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If they decide to add the B-1 maybe it could do that?

the effective range is likely longer as it has a higher total impulse/weight, it is draggier since the diameter is 100mm larger but having more than twice the mass should allow it to keep a good energy retention.
Btw 300kN is massive

It will only reach those numbers if it stays in space. Same effect a 104 has on most games it’s in, just against higher end vehicles if I’m not mistaken

F-104 is also really evil if played well.