When is regenerative steering going to be modeled

While Russian win rates remain lopsided why are NATO tanks not able to take full benefit of their engines


This is his one of his first posts i can actually agree with

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Because its hard to do and game engine isnt suitable for it right now (at least thats what Gaijin says.) And thats why Type 10 cant get its engine working as it should


There doesn’t seem to be any signs of it unfortunately.

If their modelling of the transmission / power train is so poor, then tanks which suffer should have their horsepower boosted to compensate. I don’t care that it’s not historic, the lack of the regenerative steering makes things like the chieftain miserable to play and it needs to be fixed.

While we’re at it, it would be nice if the “lag” that some vehicles seem to have in responding to driving input could be removed. That would also go a long way to making vehicles such as the challenger 2 and chieftains more pleasant to drive.

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NATO tanks remain artificially ahistorically nerfed with no justification in current balancing realities.

With current win rates there is absolutely zero reason for this continued disparity to continue.



Look at how the other game manages to nail it. You think GJN would be embarrassed that an arcade tank game does it better than them for something that affects basically all vehicles.

Why model something that nerfs your fav nation and buffs everyone else? :p


As long as most of the community is okay with even more movement controls needing to be binded, then add it. They will either have to add bindings for some sort of regenerative turning or get rid of sharp turns. Extra bindings would be the prefered method imo.

Why is this necessary?

Currently, we ‘pc users’ use a keyboard to control tanks. The keys only have an on/off function. This means that when you press “A” it gives you 100% left. Regenerative steering comes into play when you are trying to do something between 0-100%. This means that we would need a way to select something other than 0 or 100%.

This could be achieved with an additional keybind for left and right. You have the standard 100% key bind and one that gives a varied % of steering.

The other option is for the standard left/right key binds to have a ramp up in %. Ex: you hit “A” and the % turning increases over time to 100%.

That’s not the case (what you’re describing is clutch-brake or controlled differential steering), and is in fact what’s used to some extent in WT - I’m not sure if it’s additive, but tracks can definitely rotate at different speeds without being fully stopped. Regenerative steering is when not only is there different amounts of engine power going to the inner track and outer track, but also that the RPM of the two tracks is linked via gearing so that the braking force on the inner track (and thus power) is transferred to the outer track, making it go faster. Think of it as being analogous to regenerative braking on a modern hybrid, but instead of storing the braking power in a battery for later use, it’s transferring it to the outer track to make it go faster.

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So to simplify, differential braking. Tank turns by slowing down, but still powering, one track.

Just want to make sure we are on the same page.

Modern tanks in War Thunder do not turn as fast as they would IRL making horsepower the defining factor for tank mobility.

A specific nation wins out on this, I do not believe it is balanced for a nation whose vehicles IRL have worse mobility to have better mobility.

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I am just trying to confirm if it would require a varied amount of power/braking. Does the irl system vary in these areas or is it an all or nothing type of thing?

I do not know. I know the efficiency of the turning varies per tank.

That is the main question that would need to be answered. If it is not a 0/100% system, we would need a way to control what % it goes to and a keyboard cant do both 0/100% and varied with the same keybind.

you do realize that every pc game where you can drive vehicles has dealt with this issue right
either they make the input 100% instantly and the user simply taps the A or D key to steer with the correct average intensity
or there is some inertia so that the input “ramps up” or down 0%-100% (similar to the naval rudder in WT, just a lot faster)

experienced WT players already tap steering keys to avoid losing all their speed for a slight change of direction, but you still lose far more than you should. should have been fixed years ago.