When is regenerative steering going to be modeled

While Russian win rates remain lopsided why are NATO tanks not able to take full benefit of their engines


Russian tanks dont have regenerative ateering for the most part, if at all. Gaijin doesn add things that would be advantageous for all nations but russia.

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This is his one of his first posts i can actually agree with

Because its hard to do and game engine isnt suitable for it right now (at least thats what Gaijin says.) And thats why Type 10 cant get its engine working as it should

There doesn’t seem to be any signs of it unfortunately.

If their modelling of the transmission / power train is so poor, then tanks which suffer should have their horsepower boosted to compensate. I don’t care that it’s not historic, the lack of the regenerative steering makes things like the chieftain miserable to play and it needs to be fixed.

While we’re at it, it would be nice if the “lag” that some vehicles seem to have in responding to driving input could be removed. That would also go a long way to making vehicles such as the challenger 2 and chieftains more pleasant to drive.

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