When exactly is the update coming

When is the update coming, I thought June 12th ? Will it just be postponed by a week?
I know gaijin never announces exactly when updates are coming but according to the schedule it should be out already


When its ready.

Other than that, noone knows until its announced.


next week probably


After event, maybe on Tuesday


It’s usually always on a Wednesday if I remember right.

Edit: it was, thx very much!


not always

Last of them have; I always remember because I see the release trailer on Wednesday morning ish, when I’m busy, and have to stay in the city those nights, and get sad because I won’t have the time to look at any of the new stuff being added.

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i think 17th.
my point is: 17th the overlord event ends, so why not bring the brand new update for the game

18th, Tuesday.

The official answer:



When it’ll be done.

Let it cook.

Somewhen next week maybe.

It’s tuesday already, anybody know when they usually release it during the day?? (In GMT+0)

gonna be tommorow watch

From memory it’s normally a Wednesday (but there have been other days).
Around GMT 7am or within a few hours.

I just ran through all the big updates, and there’s not really any special about wednesdays, they are released tuesdays, wednesdays or thursdays, in no partical order, and none of those weekdays are more common than the others. The only thing that seems clear is that they don’t release on Mondays, Fridays or during the weekend.


Don’t the normally announce server maintenance the day before the release of a new patch?