When did USA naval 20mm an-m3's get so horribly bad (again)?

i’ve been lately barely tickling planes point blank with the f8f and f4u 4b and i can’t do anything with these guns. All they do is getting pretty much hits and crits and it’s hella infuriating. I’m using stealth belts because they have the most HEF rounds. Meanwhile two shvaks will give me triple the damage as four whole mk3 an-m.

That’s your problem, go use AP you’ll see the difference ^^"


Can’t imagine that HEFI is actually bad but I generally use the default with 1:1 AP:HEI since it should be effective against all targets.

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Try, the universal belts. They shred everything you get your sights on :)

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Default belt is best AN/M3 belt.

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Why is HEF bad in planes? I remembered it being the case when I played more air than ground, but now that I’ve played ground and used the SPAA R3, HEF seems to be really good. Most prop HEF seems to have a very low explosive mass, but the AN/M3’s is nearly half that of the R3 (the closest amount of explosives). Is there some other aspect to the R3’s 20mm that makes it so much better than air HEF?

It’s just gaijin making stuff up, as usual. Some guns do ridiculous damage, others don’t.

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Server issue/refresh issue, and Fuze issue.

Most HEF explode outside the wing they should have exploded in (server side), is the only reason i see, and explains why some HEF onlyhit the skin of the aircraft.

AP rounds applies a full line of Damage, in such it also damage modules much faster,making them disable real fast.

perhaps i should cope with my bullets being seen. I’m trying right now.

Result: Hit, hit, hit hit, severe damage hit-get blasted by a single shvak shell

AN.m3 just ass 😂

a single shvak is more likely to cut your aircraft in half than four 20mm anm3s

that’s how it goes after the mig23 ml spam by the russian fanboys. I’m pretty sure that the f8f-1a with the eight 50 cals is more 6.3 worthy than the f8f 1b with the 20mm plinkers. Just got one-hit blasted by the freedom cals in la-7. (people really dare to say that four plus four 50 cals on a 6.0 performing aircraft at 5.0 is mediocre armament)

Well, that’s just a bunch of bull.

There’s hardly any difference between different 20mm realShatter HE rounds anymore.

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“bunch of bull”

Please explain the relation between

and you posting the result of a game with 5 kills.

you’re making very blunt and baseless claim like saying that there’s no difference between the 20mm in game after realshatter.

There DO BE a difference that literally sets the huge line between being able to carry the match and die to the first head on to the first bullet that flies 2m away from your aircraft even if you dodge away because most your guns can do is “hit”.


I died to all of these safe-distance head ons because the guns did absolutely negative damage to the targets. AN-M’s are literally useless at this point. If guns are the reason why the f8f-1b, f7f and f4u 4b sit at 6.0+ then things with similar performance that sit at lower BR with objectively better guns should move up too. Hispanos also one tap whatever they touch. Yesterday I got 7 kills on the spitfire mk24 and each of these kills was literally the “aircraft destroyed” text, no severe damage, no critical hit. The match on la7 was also all “aircraft destroyed” or “severe damage” because shvak hits slightly less hard than hispano but it’s still formidable. You either play russia or spitfires or die in the first engagement.

Here read that again before you call anything I say baseless:

There’s hardly any difference between different 20mm realShatter HE rounds anymore.

there’s hardly something means there is almost none, hadrly a difference is that they’re almost the same. You said that realshatter he rounds are almost the same. THey’re not the same. Type 99 are random, Hispano shlaps, AN-M3s are random and rely on fire volume and not shell placement. MG151 are random.

MG 151 doesn’t have realShatter and all guns deal random damage because are thrown in random directions.

The ammo behaves the same, period.


Any 20mm HE can cause hits, depending where the round lands.

There’s simply no real difference between ShVAK HE rounds and M3 HE rounds.

The M3 HEI shell should be more powerful but it’s practically the same, which makes one question what even influences realShatter damage.
Based on the datamine, appart from the differences that are visible in the game, both shells are handled the same way, with the M3 having a slightly higher chance to set fires.

russians at gaijin making up stuff according to their beliefs.

I’ve unlocked the stealth belt on the F8F and I immediatly started to see a lol of hits.

Maybe it’s just me but the rounds also drop unusually fast.
Needs some more investigation but it feels like that the rounds in the stealth belt are bugged.
Since every belt the same shell data copy and pasted, it could be that the round in the stealth belt is actually in some form different then in the other belts, or that the AP-T just did all the killing so far.

From a bit of AI testing it seems that the HEI shell behaves the same in the default and stealth belt.
Datamine suggests the same.

Actually there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.

The first Hit!:

Damage from just one 20mm HEFI shell, damaged the engine.

The second Hit!

Wing tip gone. (I remember the same happening to my F8F once which killed me but you know Yaks)

Third Hit!

Other wing tip gone. Basically repaired him by making him symmetrical again.

Not sure why the first hit wouldn’t be counted as crit since it damaged his engine and oil system and he would have burned up from that sooner or later. Same with taking his wing tip off. Just counted as a Hit.