When can America get more ifvs?

The TT USA may also receive the USMC Iveco SuperAV over time.

Bradley 30 & 35 mm:

Bradley “Oerlikon” 35 mm, 550-600 RPM, non-deployable ATGM launchers:


Bradley COMVAT 45 mm CTA

There’s a few more modern Bradley variants, but they aren’t very interesting or improve on anything to be noteworthy in the game, expect the one with the APS.

As far as I know, the US doesn’t have any other tracked IFV option except for the Griffins, but there’s lots of wheeled IFVs they could get, Stryker Dragoon and prototypes with Oshkosh turret, LAV-25, LAV-25A2, LAV-25 TOW, ACV-30 etc.

Think the V150 Commando would do well?

the linebacker from 2016 by BAE systems had amraams, not to mention the brand new stryker that has aim9s, stinger or hellfires plus a 30mm autocannon. Plus freaking lasers for drones, LAV-25, Stryker with a 30mm and javelins. bruv unleash the modern usa army for gods sake

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Tell them bro.

LAV-25’s are not LAV III’s.

the America LAV-25 is based off an improved version of the Canadian LAV II and the Canadian LAV III is base of an improved American LAV-25

The LAV III hull is also the same hull for the Stryker family of vehicles.

All of which is manufactures at General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada except for some of the armament on the Stryker’s as those are fitted in a different General Dynamics facilities in the United States.


Thanks for explaining difference I never really knew much about the timeline/relationships of the variants

Each of those Stryker’s are different variants with their own unique designations. I completely want to see more suggestions for different variants, I’ve just been focusing on Canadian vehicles for a while now so I just never got to it.

The Linebacker AKA the M6 Linebacker was retired in 2006, I’m completely unsure by what linebacker you are referring to.

You probably are referring to this:


I think they’re refering to this proposal by BAE for a modernised M6 (I seen it referred to as M6A2 but that seems to be an internet name). Don’t know where they got AMRAAMs from as the suggested armament is a 30mm with KE-TF, and either the quad stinger pack, or a twin mount of hellfires or Aim-9X. Also includes a counter UAV EW mast

I saw the Hellfires on a what seemed like a fan-made 3d model/model kit of the M-SHORAD Bradley (I don’t believe USA has tested/named it yet however it was only shown off in 2017 so only time will tell) but I haven’t seen them mounted to the vehicle yet.

But I did find a different Bradley with hellfires being mounted to it.

Taken from BAE’s twitter

There are hundred of American vehicles that would be unique light vehicles but have not been suggested yet.

Avenger with Hellfire’s, I believe both Bradley’s etc. above haven’t been suggested

You can just see them behind the expo sign on a display stand the picture I posted, I believe its even the same dummy system as on the Bradley you posted

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LAV-AD with Javelins

My bad I completely missed that.
Also found a video from AUSA 2017 on it:

Sorry if that came off rude! I was just trying to point them out for you.

Good find!

Nope your fine, I just missed them somehow

Nope BAE systems previewed a prototype for the Linebacker in 2016. It could supposedly be fitted with amraams or aim9s

I’d love to see a version with the Super Forty or either of the proposed 50mm chain guns.

who owns gd??? just cause we sold the design doesnt make it youres.

I bet there were American engineers involved as well without a doubt