What's wrong with the B1's guns?

The first time I played it, I engaged a Panzer 2 and nonpenned him like 5 times. I had to get practically right on top of him to kill him. Armor is great though.

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In reality the problem does not totally come from the weapons, they are certainly a little weak (or rather the penetration rate and ridiculously low) but the major part of the problem and that Gaijin placed it at a BR too high, it resists more or less to the shell but on the other hand it is unable to replicate, the 75mm pierces even less than the 47mm and the 47mm in itself is not an example of penetration. Personally serving as a shield does not necessarily displease me but it is useless to me because it is not what brings me SL and experience. One day a player said to me “I find him very good, his 75mm is very effective against milk trucks and DCAs” I laughed in his face and promised him to do everything to fall into a game composed exclusively of milk trucks and DCA… The reality is that Gaijin must absolutely correct the BR of several French Vehicles (B1 Bis, B1 Ter, FCM 2C among others) and of course other nations are surely in this situation.

I agree, and why can’t I downtier it to 2.0? I have 2 1.0 tanks and 1 1.3 tank, but my battle rating is still at 2.3.

Ground forces don’t down tier like Air AB does - you are always at hte highest BR in your lineup.

Bruh that sucks.

Uh… no - it’s how it has always been, and what you would expect if you’re read the Wiki on battle ratings!!

The gun is potent enough in my opinion and I played the B1 a lot cuz it’s my historical fav. The biggest problem is the post pen damage. Or the lack of it.
Even if you manage to pen, a direct shot to a crew member might just turn him yellow …

I guess you’re right, I did one-shot that Panzer 2, but only because he had 2 crew.

Good luck with the PZ III now, especially the M or L versions.

Oh my god that’s going to be a nightmare.