What's wrong with sparrows

I’m writing this because this is getting ridiculous. Nearly every game whether I manually lock or acm pd and also get a complete red lock with the missile the sparrow goes limp and doesn’t even track at all. On top of the ridiculous american radar not holding lock that well at all the radar will lose lock after you’ve baby sat the goddamn pos for an hour and self destruct.

If your behind someone you cant even get a sparrow to red lock in any god forsaken mode. When other nations can.

Meanwhile the r27er can miss your first intended target and you can just switch it to another target and get a kill which ive done…

Why is it that my tornado ADV holds lock better than all american jets? In my tornado’s acm pd this mode which is the most simple to use will hold better than all of the f16c’s modes combined.

gaijin come on now it’s getting harder not to point the finger here you gave the su27 how many 27er’s which are just as good if not better than 9m’s.


this ruins planes like the f14 that are made for sparrow slinging, what I usually do is clean up my PC with some utilities program and restart it, how fast your PC is matters for the sparrows tracking their targets

i would turn the blind eye if something like the f18 came with aim120’s and maybe finally the USA could have something better then the eastern countries, but if they do add the aim120 the r77 will probably also get added and the r77 would be better cause its a russian missile

the admins always lose their mind whenever someone calls an American plane stupid cause it got gimped in a new update, but its very obvious gaijin prefers to make russian aircraft better then western ones. this probably started out as a way to nullify the fact that in history American aircraft have always dominated russian ones and they just want the game to be fair for both sides, but its gone a bit overboard and now American aircraft are usually just worse then their russian counterparts


I dont think it’s a hardware performance issue because my adv and mig 29 significantly easier to drop targets with radar missiles it’s a huge difference. I really does feel on purpose.

The 7M is a terrible radar projectile, it can only hit the enemy aircraft head-on, and this is Gajin’s balancing power.

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has gaijin even acknowledged that the sparrow is broken

What do you mean your PCs speed affects sparrow performance?? how do you know this? shouldn’t it just be your internet??