What's with the glacial rate of Israeli content addition

Seriously, they’ve only added like two new vehicles since the tree was added back in 2022. It’s not like there’s a shortage of things to add, the HVSD ADAMS would make for a viable top tier AA, they could add the Sabrah for a high tier light tank (desperately needed), and various M113s and Namer variants with autocannons and spikes for TDs and IFVs. Also, would be good to see the LAHAT missile for the Merkavas and certain helis that carried it, as well as spikes for the Israeli Apaches. Point being, it’s pretty disappointing to see them add ANOTHER premium Merkava for a tree that has literally nothing to grind.


Its because they made a mistake by adding it as an independant tt and now about 10 people actually play it. Plenty of cool vehicles, but little to no interest from the playerbase so no monetary incentive to really add to it, I assume they are hoping it will work as a loss leader. Oh well, should have been a subtree

I mean, the amount of content they add is what drives interest. The more they add, the more people would want to play it.

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Yeah, and they added a whole tree, with air and helicopters, and still noone plays it

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eh, not really. Japan has every tank they’ve ever serially produced.

they still missing like 5 possible light tanks 3 possible MBT’s and 1 SPAA, we have been asking mostly for a new light tank to go after the type 89 or after the type 16

wdym? The only MBTs of Japan were the type 74, type 90, and type 10.

other 3 versions of the Type 10 are possible 1 being the 48 ton variant in wich we have enough info to make a suggestion about it other being a copy paste of the Type 10 with minor additions on top(Type 10 C5) and the other one being the Type 10 with an aps made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries