Whats the difference between the US M46, M47 and M48?

I really don’t get it

M46 Patton is a heavily modified M26 Pershing that barely looks similar to the original. In terms of the amount of changes internally and some externally. It’s mostly internal changes.

The M47 and M48 are completely different designs that took what came before them.
All go under Patton although I’m unsure why. My guess its a similar case to the M2 Stuart->M5 Stuart.


I´m battle how I can rely of them? they are almost the same

The difference from the M-47 to M-48 is mostly visual, they play the same. They are very visually diferent though, the M-47 looks like a scaled up bulldog, while the M-48 looks far more in line with traditional MBT design. M-46 is basically a big Pershing. Not much else to say there

M46, M47, and M48 there is no -/dash line between the word and numbers its all together.

M46 in game is simply a M26 with a better engine, HEATFS and optional chicken cage. It plays almost identically to a standard fast medium tank.

M47 retains the good engine and replaces the old M26 hull with a better sloped one from a failed prototype, and uses a turret that has a smaller frontal profile. Same 90mm gun, improved HEATFS.

M48 takes on a massive amount of armor and becomes very different to the previous tanks. It’s slower and larger, but will resist large diameter HE, autocannon spray and poorly aimed ammo the best. It retains the improved HEATFS of the M47.

These are most of the large in-game differences between the three 90mm Patton tanks. I’ll leave IRL differences and in-game minutiae to other forum posters.


It is my understanding that, unlike the Stuart, (which is named quite confusingly) the Patton series were at least numbered, with the M46 being the Patton, (or Patton I) the M47 being the Patton II, and the M48 being the Patton III. (And, contrary to popular belief, the M60 is not, in fact, officially named “Patton,” and thus is not the “Patton IV.” I kind of wish it was, though. XD)

Won’t stop us calling it a Patton since its a “product-improved descendant”

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