What's the Best air to ground Loadout for the SU-25?

I’ve been playing the su-25 for quite a while now especially in ground RB. And the whole time i’ve been using the s-25o the whole time, and i feel like using something else if you have any loadout ideas you can tell them in the comments.

the s25 are overall the best loadout to take with it, maybe add 2 guided missiles.


AA missile, 2 Kh-29L and S-25O with the remaining weapon slots.

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S13 and 2 parachute bombs on the outer pylons is very fun and effective.

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Normal SU25/K
Dont even bother on those laser missile, they are useless. And why, you got shit optic ( no zoom, and very limited view) and cant lock targets in that laser, so you gotta keep aiming your target all the time for it to hit.
Best is 8 x S250 or 40 X S-13,

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