What you've done with Su27 is like a SHITBOX

First of all, thank you very much to gaijin.This is my first time posting a forum, thank you for making me fly to the most trash SU27/J11. I don’t know who taught you aerodynamics. If the angle of attack is below 0.9, the steering rate will not increase at all, and the resistance will increase exponentially. Even if you watch the low-speed performance at the air show, it won’t be turned into such a garbage. The ED next door has such a good thing for you to place there, I can’t even copy it clearly.

                                                                                                                  From an aviation engineer's roast

orry to add the mistake mentioned above, I typed it too fast. Below 0.9 Mach, the SU27 overload reaches 11g, but the high resistance is too abnormal. At low speeds, there are obvious issues with the historical flight control logic of the SU27, and the aircraft’s angle of attack has increased, but the turning rate has not increased but instead decreased in a straight line.


I feel that J-11 rolls very slow and easily broken her wings while rolling
How about the Su-27s?

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