What will replace the Super AMX 30 premium that it is no longer available?

the title explains itself.

I’m looking forward to a 11.3 Leclerl, and Japan’s 11.0 90.

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Yeah, as we got 2 11.3 premiums in the last update we will probably have a pre-production Leclerc with slightly worse stats than the tt version.

so leclerc without ufp ? xD

The amx 30 super will be removed from premium?

Basically Leclerc T1 ( tranche 1 ) is similar to the Leclerc s1 that we have in-game but with worse armor, mobility, slightly different turret, shorter side skirt.

The amx 30 super is not available for sale anymore, but if you purchased it you will keep it.

And why is it going to be removed from sale ?

Most of the time, the packs that don’t generate enough sales are removed from the store. In this case it’s weird because it was a good premium but the fact that France isn’t a popular nation is probably the reason why so many premiums are removed.