What was the muzzle velocity of the 77mm APDS?

This is essentially a more focused continuation of this previous thread.

Where the following problem came up. According to this ballistic table
The muzzle velocity of the 77mm APDS is about 3400 ft/sec.

However, there are other documents, namely this
from @Fireball_2020 (seriously dude, where did you get this thing), and this

which matches the above and apparently was taken during a event where Comet was being shown off that state the muzzle velocity is 3675 ft/sec.

The reason that I ask, and the reason that this matters, is that per the ‘Armored Branch Report on Comprehensive Firing Trials Against German Panther Pz.Kw.V’ (there are copies of this floating around, I got this from the book “How To Kill A Panther Tank”) the critical velocity above which you could expect to penetrate the front armor of a Panther G with 17 pounder APDS is 3410 ft/sec.

In game, with our 3400 ft/sec muzzle velocity, this is modeled pretty well. You can just penetrate the front of the Panther if you are flat on and point blank. But if the correct muzzle velocity is 3675 ft/second, that probably buys the Comet the ability to penetrate the Panther frontally from a usable range.

So, what is right? Is there any way to determine what is correct when 2 primary sources disagree? does anyone have a Comet tank firing trial that discusses muzzle velocity? if there are 2 primary sources that disagree, why does Gaijin pick the one that makes me sad?

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It blows my mind that the Comet’s APDS can’t pen the front of a Panther, when 17 Pounder Shot Mk.4 was doing just that at up to 500 yards.


There’s a document that specifies corrections to other documents, and among them is the 77 mm APDS round. The document explicitly states:

Delete in heading “M.V. 3675 f.s.” Substitute “M.V. 3400 f.s.”

It’s fairly safe to say that 3675 ft/s (1120.14 m/s) is simply an incorrect muzzle velocity, and that 3400 ft/s (1036.32 m/s) is correct.

Document page

Is there a source for that?

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Why is Shot Mk. 4 APC anyway? AP is Shot Mk. 6 so what happend to Shot Mk. 1, 2, 3 and 5? 😂