What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”

The Leo is a different project, similar but it didnt come as far as the Lansens.

A bit bigger and heavier than the Lansen but features more armor, Giving the same preformance as the Lansen at 19 tons it wasnt pursued to mock up (I dont think at least). For war thunder the Lansen is the most probable, thats if they ever go mock up.

I know this isnt a real wishlist suggestion, but do any of ye know what could be added for Swedens top tier tank destroyers?
If you really want to, consider this a list of wished vehicles… (Also dont laugh at the brs, im not good with those.)

Idk the Patrias from Finland maybe?

Perhaps, either there or in the light tank line. Id imagine the AMOS equipped one would be here, probably foldered under the SSG.

Finnish patrias should mainly be in the finnish TT line but for some models id like to see in other trees. Id like the sisu 4x4 with the 23-2 as the spaa and the ish 204 gk moved to the LT line since its a LT not a spaa. Seriously finland has a few vehicles to add to fill out some of the weaker areas in the mid to low br range. God if gaijin ever adds the 2s1 that would be nice or the btr 60. I will get thw btr 60 in every tree its added lol.

True, we’ve seen with things such as the Bt42 and the aa’s that some vehicles are going to end up in the most fitting path regardless of nationality, so something like the Amos equipped one i must add to the td line with the ssg. For the rest sure, if theyre more tank fighting variants then the Finnish line is the way to go. Though i must say, i can skip the cp, Finnish line already has enough of that.

Eh i dont play most of the finnish line because theres nothing interesting. I still have my kv-1b on germany which is more interesting than any finnish vehicle on sweden lol. (Minus bt42)

Pvrbbv 2063 (Rb 56)
Pvrbbv 452

A little high for the Pvrbbv 2063 no? The 452 i can see at VII yeah.

I mean they fill pretty much the same role, though the Pvrbbv 2063 (rb 56) has one less missile, but much better mobility and an extending sight.


Whilst not filling a role in rank VII, an experimental M113 with a BILL launcher on a rotating mount could be placed around the same BR as the Pbv 302 BILL, it even has an optional .50 cal.

The Pvrbtgb B RBS 56 could also fit in a similar spot.


The M113 could be really useful. The other Swedish ATGM vehicles doesn’t have access to a HMG which would be a huge upgrade.

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Ah i was confusing it with another vehicle, yeah that should fit nicely in VII

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This is not a real vehicle. It is a fake from some russian website. The launcher is photoshopped from a HOT mounting, see below. Moreover, even if it had been real, the designation would have been wrong since it’s a Bv 309, not a Bv 206

The real Pvrbbv 2063 with rb 56 is just that, a regular 2063 that has had its launcher replaced and its missile storage modified. There is no formal designation for it in its modified form afaik


An alternative to BILL equipped things could be a Tgb 16 equipped with Rb 58 (Akeron MP) but still don’t think it would qualify for top tier. Most powerful options would be CV90 MkIV with Spike or Akeron


Sweden could get the M113 ETS from DK


Ah yeah that’s what i thought, got confused when the pic was shared, thanks for clearing that up Puff.

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Cv90 Mk.IV is a clear addition at some point.

Though, is this the one Sweden has on order? They wanted some new Cv’s to replace the ones in Ukraine, you fellas know what model are they going with?


I believe the new ones going to Ukraine are going to be CV-9035 ones that were originally meant for some other country, but I can’t remember which.

Well shit…
Thx for pointing out though. I knew the other one existed as well but damn I would have loved a Bv 309 based vehicle.