What vehicle is the definition of a dealbreaker for you?

A plane, tank, or helicopter that has most things you like in a vehicle, but it has one aspect that completely ruins it for you? For me, it’s the Abrams. Its main gun is very powerful with a five second reload, it’s decently mobile, and the later versions get proxy-fuzed HEAT, which can be a nasty surprise for a hovering helicopter. But the NECK, omg, it’s a shot trap and then some. It’s made even worse by the fact that darts don’t reliably shatter on extreme impact angles like they should, so shooting the driver’s hatch will very consistently bounce the shot into the turret ring. You pretty much have to play it like a hull-down sniper, which is so antithetical to my playstyle, that I just can’t stand it.

A while back, the M18 had a sight that had nearly no zoom, and it sucked. That single-handedly made me not play it, despite it being great otherwise. Now that it has a better sight, I play it often.

The T-34-85’s sight has nearly made me stop playing it, but it has just enough redeeming qualities for me to keep playing it.

Shackleton. I absolutely love this plane, it’s one of my favourite vehicles. But I can’t for the life of me get over the stupid post that sticks down out the bottom of it. I did manage to note however that it retracts partially with the landing gear down, so at the start of most matches on the odd occasion I can be bothered playing it, I rip the gear off so the stupid thing stays up.

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because gaijin nerfed it, even though someone literally had a M18 gunner scope and put a picture of it up on the forums.

VIDAR is hands down the best vehicle in the game and works incredibly well as a AAA beast that can wipe out choppers and low flying CAS while sniping away any tanks from it’s own spawn. I just don’t want to get it because I’ll feel like a P2W cheater.

(for Air Sim)

Phantom FGR2/FG1 I hate their cockpits. Good BR, Good Rear-aspect IRs for that BR. Half decent radar with half decent missile. Good top speed, good mixed payload options.

But I just cant stand its cockpit. Im not sure really why either. Maybe its the total lack of symbology. Or the kinda cramped nature of the cockpit. But I just hate playing it. Would much rather be in something like the Sea Harrier at the same BR, despite its somewhat obvious disadvantages in comparison.

Hunter F6 i really like across the board, but the current state of SRAAM just drives me nuts. Kinda by the same extension id add the Lightnings snd Sea Vixen just because of the state of Red Tops.

(also not an aircraft, but I just hate the Aim-9E. No idea why, but I just can never get them to work. I have more success with Firestreaks)

Use to love the Harrier Gr7, but its fairly recent BR increase to 11.7 in SB kinda sucks. No radar at that BR just makes life hard. Its a great overall aircraft, but was better at 11.0 with 9Ls than 11.7 with 9Ms.

Haven’t had a vehicle yet that is “just amazing” but play like shit.

I guess one example though…

The Strv 103, low profile, high angled armor, amazing optics, laser rangefinder at 8.0, and a 10.5 cm gun with a round that has 256mm of pen on the 0 and A, while the C has a dart with 337mm of pen. Outstanding mobility, tiny shillouette, and a pretty decent array of machine guns. The latest version (not in game yet) the 103 D had thermals also. The hardmounted cannon is great, and I still love to play it with that glorious 4 second reload. But the engine, it should I say engines, that are modeled as a single engine, and therefore means, when one is hit, both are “hit” and therefore, you are stuck there until your curse of extreme survivabily wears off, you get saved, or they manage to not do anything to you while you repair. I still play and love these, but it’s the minute details that make me disappointed.

One other general nitpick I have is the lack of bomber cockpits. Seriously gaijin, the games been around for almost 12 years now, and you still don’t have WWII bomber cockpits? Pls give me bomber cockpits, I’ll do whatever it takes.

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Excluding vehicles with too high of a BR but are otherwise amazing such as the Venom, B-0 Me-163 & to a lesser extent the Vampires for example i would probably say the MiG-19’s for the simple fact that they have very awkward gun handling otherwise i don’t have anything else negative i could say about it

Waffentrager, because it’s quirky look, has a great gun, some interesting camos and can work as a SPAA at times.

Unfortunately it is slow as a turtle… but I still love using it.

F8U-2. Its a amazing dogfighter but its impossible to fly it with 300+ ping. If you have high ping even the slightest mouse movement breaks the wings


ZTZ99A, its maneuverability and auxiliary equipment are excellent, but the drawbacks are really unbearable, i wont say about the LFP or fuel tank cause the canno breech is the biggest the problem, poor breech protection and 3 member crew, crew in turret is easily been cleaned by one shot which shot to canno breech, all these make me feel bad when my turret been shot

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Ugly camo, if i have to look at a vehicle when i play it i want it to look nice, i cant stand the Finnish camo, cold and boring, just like their country.

On a more reasonable point, its for me the Ystervarks tall cabin. Its infuriating to be following an aircraft and then just stopping case you need to elevate. Even when i park it flipped the planes still turn and fly over it so i have to drive while aiming. Hate it.


Its very slow, only gets relict on the side which without the mod makes it have 10.0 armour. It can fire the top rounds but the T90A can do it better and has better composites. I could rather have a T-80U with worse pen than the slow and weak T-72B3

Any vehicle I like just seems to get it’s BR raised until the deal is broken.


I wish we would get the two engines modeled.

Honestly for me its the Pvkv IV- it looks wonderful, with excellent APHE and sabot…

But that turret traverse- good lord it sucks.

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BMPs, they’re ugly and overall mid at best.
The best BMP is in the Swedish tech tree, the most talked about BMP is the most over-rated one.
They never determine victories, only losses.
I remember seeing 4+ spawn, and calling “Guess my team will lose, let’s go attempt to carry.” and the team proceeded to lose.

With other IFVs, players seem to be more aware of IFV limitations so they don’t spam them and lose.