What type of vehicle's would you like to see in wt if you could add them?

Basically what vehicle would be cool to add to war thunder if you could choose anything. This can range from a 1998 Honda Accord to a Construction Loader to a rc bomb car to the giant mech from despicable me 3.
(more of a joke post but eh)

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“It’s not just a boulder… It’s a rock” would be my choice. “Oh the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles”


Shisei Anti Aircraft Truck
Using the Type-88 75mm though a Type-14 105mm Anti Air gun as a different vehicle would also be cool.

As well as the Ki-To Anti Air Tank, the sparse TA-HA SPAA using 2 Flak 3.7cm AA guns which one prototype is claimed to be built but no photographic evidence exist meaning its down to Gaijin’s interpretation for what it may look like.

Originally posted here on dec 23 last year.

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Strv-140/40 at 11.0 as a premium. Just to piss off everyone.

? you mean the [
Stridsvagn 2000 T140/40

UHmmm XD No.

Yea it will never be added. Knowing gaijin if they did add it it would be a horrifically under tiered premium.

I want the Vulcan and other strategic bombers. They’d probably be DOA, but id still fly them

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I want weird stuff. I like weird and strange vehicles. The LCM(6)(F), Object 122MT “MC”, SNACO 200 (ik this isn’t in the game but its model was leaked 2 and a half years ago) is what I want. Strange things.

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All kinds, but preferably the needed ones that support the MBTs in ground battles like IFV/SPAA that can anti-all.

War Trains would make bombing targets




There’s one on that map that changes with the BR’s. Can’t remember what it’s called though. It’s a ground map, and can use the train as cover

SPAA for America between 4.0 and 7.7…

But fr there is actually a quite a number of aircraft and tanks I’d like, but I’m too lazy to list em. I posted some of them on another thread that is wishlisting vehicles

Flanders, the only thing that changes is the blimp to a B-52. I’d hardly call this a changing BR map. A truly changing BR map would alter the terrain, removing almost all the trenches to be just a couple of foxholes. As well as making it more suburban and less open field focus with little remnants of that era in small areas and or rusted pieces from that period.

Depending on the period->BR that is.

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Ooooh yeah, would love these in SB. Why trains arent targets is totally beyond me

Yeah, I was just saying that there’s a battle train on that map, while trying to give a description to the best of my abilitys

There’s a regular train as a target in air battles on the Berlin map I believe. Might be another map tho, idr for sure

I havent seen any for quite a while. Though I dont play lower tiers much. At top tier they are just non-existant. Especially in large scale gamemodes like EC

Oh okay, I don’t know if there at higher tiers. I’d think they’d still being on the map at like 8.0 but I do know that at lower ones they have, or at least had, trains on one of the air maps

Too many to list, so I’ll just do these two:


two variants of the Wiesel HOT - one with a twin launcher, one with a 20mm and a single missile.

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