What type of ground player are you?

I am curious.

  1. a noob. I have no idea what I’m doing

  2. I must win. I need the most points. Most kills. Most wins. Arcade? Yuuuck

  3. I am “playing the game” not playing a game
    Daily easy task. Daily medium task. Special task. Challenges. Rinse repeat

  4. I’m a rat. I play rat vehicles and do rat things. No one likes me but I don’t care

  5. other

Im the type of player who plays mostly fallout 4 these days.


Funny…you forgot one type that i hope exists a lot…

  1. I play for the team win. I support my team , fight for the caps, get the kills i can and hope for the best.

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A mix between just plain stupid (but I know what I’m doing) and number 4 XD

  1. Who absolutely despise CAS
  1. Absolutely LOVE CAS
  1. Who absolutely loves making the CAS mad by shooting them down in a CAP aircraft and then makes the tankers mad by dropping bombs on them


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There’s no way that kind of player exist, I’m more for “I don’t care if I’m losing this match, I want points, kills and stuff” or the “Lone wolf”, I mostly like to play alone because It’s easier to spot enemies without allied engine sounds.

I never leave a battle. I bring a full lineup and will continue to spawn in as long as I have vehicles and spawn points.


same Although I play China and recently the 5.7 ground RB lineup took a hit from the M-18 going to 6.0 but yeah either I try to use all my spawn points even after getting killed in less than 20 seconds in the second tank or having no SP for the third tank.

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well they do exist the one helping you repair have you had that experience,I can count many times that I have went to someone without parts researched requesting repairs on the opposite side of the map even though I have died couple of times doing that

Thats absolutely diabolical.
why annoy one part when you can annoy both?

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  1. I play tanks once per year for the ability to put my rocket aiming practice to good use (and make a sweden main cry)
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I love to capture the points, but at low rank battles I just de-capture and hope my allies get the points.

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11.seeing a vk3002 or tiger h1at your face, shit your pants, throw away your mouse and wish for the best

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I bet there are many occasions where you don’t. Battle pass is often the reason a player goes off with their own agenda.Then you have better rewards for individual kills than teamplay based activities.is teamwork even part of the game or is it just another forum fantasy that lives in forum regulars heads?

No. I don’t play for battlepass…i dont even check what is needed anymore. I played the FIRST one, but since then the requirements went up a lot, so i opted to not even care, so i dont get mad at the game :)
The only thing i look for is the NATION i want to play to unlock a specific vehicle…and even those i change as my vehicles are damaged and need repair…

The “only” occasion where i dont (fully) play for the team is when i get “coward” and try to survive longer…usually with a expensive (to repair) vehicle. But i still fight…

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