What top tier Soviet premium should I buy next sale

I was wondering which 2 of the 3 tanks should I buy next Sale. It was my birthday this past sunday and I believe a May sale is coming. I have already gotten pretty far in the USA tank tech tree and the abram’s aren’t really my style. I already have the Mig-23ML and the Su22. I’m also almost done with the t80uk but my squadron was to inactive. I’m not new to the game i’ll know what i’m doing and I’m going to try to buy 2 premiums to not be a 1 death leaver. Thank you in advance

You Play grb? Or do you Play Air?
What do you want to buy Tanks or Planes?

Probably 2S38, UD is too new to go on sale otherwise would have picked that.

2S38 and T72AV ofc, you said you already got the mig23ml, so you can just grind the SU25 by mig23

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Tanks for ground RB

This or the T80 UD if its on Sale for me its performing better than the T72. The only downsight is the shitty nightvision

ok any idea what day in may the sale will be

I think the Ingame Sale starts end of April probably 26th and the Shop Sale one week After

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yeah, choose T72 if you want thermal and T80UD is fine😝

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I’m working on a sale guide. It should be up in the next few days.

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