What top tier should I go for next?

I’ve got the Alaska and Arizona for the US, and the Kronshtadt for USSR. I’m working on the Von der Tann for Germany, the Glorious for UK, and just finished rank III Japan. I’ve barely made any progress in the Italian tree, and I haven’t started the French tree.

What is the most fun top tier after the US and USSR?

Weeeelll that depends. If you are a torpedo guy and go for firepower and maneuverability, but low protection, finish the japanese tree.
I liked the italian tree just fine, if you manage to grind your way through the first two tiers. the cruisers and battleships are well balanced imho.
I started the french tree a week ago and i liked the better destroyers, the cruisers have fine guns but no protection at all, it seems - there are tougher waves in the ocean than a french cruisers outer shell.

But you wanted to know the tree with the most fun potential - i’d go for the japanese and always take the shimakaze with you. Nothing is more satisfying than to look at enemy ships getting hit by multiple torpedoes ;-)

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I would strongly recommend Japan, they have a great Bluewater and Coastal setup, especially if you like long range “fast” torpedoes.

If you fancy something else, i would jump on the French, whilst its still NEW and not fully fleshed out - as you can get to top tier easier.


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I think I would like Japan better in RB than AB. Is that a correct assumption? It seems torpedoes are way easier to dodge in AB, and Japan is more reliant on torpedoes for damage and kills. I do enjoy speed and maneuverability. The HMS Tiger is one of my favorite ships to play. It’s fragile, but a lot of fun.

I need to find a squad so I can work on the Shimakaze.

The French seem like they could definitely be dangerous in the right hands. I’m not sure if I’m up to the challenge or not. I’m already frustrated when I get a magazine detonation in my much better armored ships, but I might give it a try.

If you love using torpedo, AB is much better. AB has a frequent reload of torpedo while in RB you can use only once or twice(If your ship has additional torpedo)

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I only play Arcade, so I can not compare AB to RB. But the asian guy above me is right - the torpedo reload is very important for the fun part ;-)

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Ditto both of the above - torpedo reloads in AB make a HUUUUGGGEEE difference

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For top tier I’d say Japan and im not being biased they probably have the most consistent top tier lineup making up of Fuso, Ise, and either Kongo or Haruna not the best and not the worst BBs just all around good. ofc you also have DDs and decent CA you can bring if you choose to spawn those. For costal PT-15 and PG-02 are probably your best bet for point capture.

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I’m curiuos - did you decide yet which nation you are going to research?
I’m currently busy with the french light cruisers… but they can’t take a lot of hits - they explode really fast.

I’m going to give the Japanese a try. They don’t seem to be able to take too many hits either, but it’s easier to avoid them since they are maneuverable. I’m at 5.0 now, so we’ll see how it goes from here.

Good luck, and if you need any help or support, send me a message in game, i’ll help you out!

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Thank you. I really appreciate that.